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Age Freezing Beauty and Skin Care Food~ 2014.10.06 ♥ ─── Nutritionist 張佩蓉

Age Freezing Beauty and Skin Care Food!

Many women dream of remaining young and beautiful, but the remorseless passing of time leaves its imprint as we age, including a loss of elasticity in the skin, wrinkles, a lack of luster and liver spots.

Ageing is mainly attributable to the loss of collagen in the skin and the amount of collagen in the body begins to fall after about the age of 25. Many spend extensively on skin care products to “freeze” or “turn back” time, but does this approach ever work? Any woman who wishes to combat ageing must not only apply moisturizer and sun screen, but also supplement her intake of nutrients, because taking the correct nutrients ensures the skin remains naturally elastic, clear and light. Below we introduce six foods that promote skin care:
(1)    Collagen Food
Collagen food and birds nests, white fungus gourd and fish skin, help the skin by replenishing lost collagen and maintaining its elasticity. The collagen in the skin plays an extremely important role, for example if the skin was a spring mattress it would represent the springs responsible for supporting the bed and by extension, as soon as the springs are damaged the bed becomes loose and misshapen. If the skin looses too much collagen its ability to retain water and elasticity diminishes and the surface becomes less taught and lined or wrinkled. There are numerous collagen supplements on the market that can also be used to achieve this outcome.!

(2)    Guava

Guava has the highest level of vitamin C of any fruit grown locally, for example it contains three times more vitamin C than lemons. Vitamin C is an important element in the creation of collagen which helps to prevent the skin becoming wrinkled and is also an anti oxidizing agent that prevents damage to cells caused by free radicals, thereby preventing the skin from ageing. In addition, it also suppresses the creation of melanin pigment, making it an excellent beautification nutrient widely used in beauty products. The guava is also rich in dietary fiber, which assists with the maintenance of internal functions and the discharge of waste, so the skin remains light and lustrous.

 (3)Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit contains more than 30 types of vitamins and minerals, making it a nutrient dense fruit. There is a particularly elevated level of anti oxidizing vitamins – Vitamins A, C and E. This ensures that kiwi fruit has a high degree of anti oxidizing properties that eliminate free radicals, combat the damage caused by ultraviolet rays and prevent the skin from easily ageing. Its unique kiwi fruit enzyme (奇異果酵素) also promotes the break down of protein, which facilitates digestion and strengthens metabolic processes.!


4)    Almonds

Almonds contain more nutrients than other nut fruits and a rich layer of oil that provides the body with essential fatty acids. These regulate physiological functions, moisturize the skin and keep it smooth, silky and lustrous. In addition, almonds contain up to 10 times more vitamin E than other nuts and this prevents the cell membrane from being oxidized, inhibits the ageing of skin and ensures it remains elastic and lustrous. Its vitamin B group also promotes metabolism.

(5)    Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes are another excellent skin care food rich in vitamin A and play an important role in maintaining skin health. They regulate skin cell differentiation, exfoliation and enable the skin to remain smooth, lustrous and fine. Cherry tomatoes contain “lycopene,” a particularly strong anti oxidizing agent that effectively eliminates free radicals in the body and thereby prevents the skin ageing and liver spots. The anti oxidizing effect of cherry tomatoes is greater than that of vitamin E and ensures the skin remains bright and elastic.

(6)    Pearl Powder
Pearl powder has been considered an excellent skin whitening product since ancient times. It is rich in amino acids, minerals and essential micro nutrients, while the rich pearl essence of the pearls slows the ageing of skin, dilutes pigment deposition, reduces the formation of dark spots and counteracts the loss of luster of the facial skin. In addition, pearl powder also relieves mental stress and aids sleep, as a result of which, given that pigment deposition is caused by long term lack of sleep or poor quality sleep, it can also lead to improvements and a brighter complexion.



※※Other than the skin care foods, being properly hydrated is also extremely important so an intake of more than 2,000cc of water per day is recommended. This ensures the skin is hydrated, remains elastic and assists metabolism. On the whole, these foods help one to strive for agelessness with exquisite skin and a lustrous complexion.