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About Cordyceps

What is Chinese caterpillar fungus?

Chinese caterpillar fungus, or Cordyceps Sinensis, is a type of Clavicipitales fungi, which is parasitized on the larva of the Thitarodes caterpillars or other insects in winter. The fungus then fills the entire body and eventually kills them. The external skeleton of the caterpillars are mummified. The fruiting body emerges from the caterpillars in summer. The brown, long, columnar fruiting body can reach 4~10 cm above the earth surface.



The benefits of cordyceps

It possesses the therapeutic effects of improving vitality, enhancing general well being, speeding up recovery from illness, and countering fatigue.

The growing area of cordyceps

Wild caterpillar fungus grows in plateau region at an altitude of 3000 meters or above in Tibet, Qinhai, Yunnan, or Sichuan. The fresh air, high humidity, and low temperature are suitable for its growth. Harvested around the summer solstice, it is so difficult to collect that a harvester can collect 30 or 40 pieces a day.